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There are no current bounties. Bounties listed below are for historical reference only.

Please contact us for more details.

Old bounties

Adium and Pidgin Bounties - US$100

We are currently offering a US$100 bounty each for someone to integrate enum.164 lookups into Adium and Pidgin.

While the system is primarily used for VoIP route lookups, we have extended things well beyond VoIP to allow people to list contact information for many of the popular IM programs such as AIM, Yahoo!, MSN, ICQ, IRC, Email and Jabber.

This information isn't currently leveraged beyond a couple of Jabber clients and our goal of providing a system to unify communication seemed to be a good fit with multi-protocol IM clients. One of our goals tries to reduce the number of contact details people list on business cards to just a single number (your phone number) as a point of reference for all other methods to contact you.

We don't care if the end ENUM lookups is achieved through a plugin or core code changes. While plugins are a good proving ground before incorporating into the core code, most people don't bother installing additional software/plugins as it's a burden for people to locate, download and install a plugin.

Some thoughts on how this could be incorporated into the user interface would be to add a menu item 'Search for user by Phone Number', then display a search dialog the user enters a phone number into, limiting country codes might be a good idea and other sanity checks. Once the user has entered a number, a DNS request is sent.

If any results are returned from the DNS query, an address book display should pop up with the ability to add any contacts to Gaim, that Gaim supports and the user is connected to. Any other pieces of information could be greyed out but shown for informational purposes only.

The interface should be able to cope with NAPTR preference fields and display contact methods in preference order, the interface should also be able to cope with multiple results of the same protocol as well.

We have [wiki:RemoteManagementProtocol HTTP APIs available] which were developed for a previous experiment of a system tray utility for windows. We would like to see these APIs leveraged from within gaim and the account action sub-menu.

The ["Terry" system tray utility] allowed people to store multiple profiles on the client and switch between them, for example you might run the client from home and also at work and you switch profiles before you leave home to redirect all your calls/email/chats to work and vice versa.

Thunderbird, Evolution and Outlook Express Bounty - US$100

We are currently offering a US$100 bounty each for someone to integrate enum.164 lookups into Thunderbird and MS Outlook Express.

Some thoughts on how this could be incorporated into the thunderbird user interface would be to scan the to/cc/bcc address lines starting with + followed by all numbers and no @ symbol, if any or all lines are found matching this criteria the plugin should do an enum lookup for e2u+email lines.

If no results are found a warning message should be displayed to the user, although this would need to be done carefully to avoid a looping popup scenario.

If only 1 valid matching result is found simply do a string replacement.

If more then one valid option exists a popup should show all options and give the user the ability to pick 1 or more of these to substitue the phone number.

Firefox Plugin - Completed

A simple plugin to pull e2u+web addresses from DNS is enum:+1234567890 is entered into the browser or clicked on, the user is then redirected to an error page if no valid result is found, or they are sent to the website listed in DNS.

This plugin has been completed.

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