"ENUM is not required for VoIP, although it does facilitate it."
- Wikipedia

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7 Jul 2011:
International Verification Issues should now be resolved

E164.org is a volunteer, free service and we need help with costs.

We greatly appreciate any amount you can spare to donate to help the project. We suggest a minimum donation of $5 USD as this leaves the project with most of your donation after fees. Your donation will help cover the cost of the phone calls to allow us to continue to do validation, hardware upgrades and maintenance.

At present we are only able to accept donations by Paypal. Click the donation button below to send your donation via Paypal. Thanks!

Please Note: If your email address registered with e164.org differs from your paypal address please click "return to merchant" after processing your payment to ensure your account is creditted for the donation. Alternatively if the system can't automatically credit your account you will be emailed a donation code which you can return to this page and enter at the bottom.

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