"ENUM is not required for VoIP, although it does facilitate it."
- Wikipedia

e164.org Statistics

Allocations: 38,331,298
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Latest Announcements

7 Jul 2011:
International Verification Issues should now be resolved

Frequently Asked Questions

The Frequently Asked Questions page lists answers to commonly asked questions about our service.

Mailing List

The E164.org discuss mailing list carries discussions about ENUM and E164.org. If you are a service provider, or developer for ENUM applications, you should subscribe to the mailing list as various service developments are often discussed on the list.

E164.org Support

The E164.org support team is available to answer any questions or technical issues you may have about the system. Please be sure to include any numbers you have difficulties with.

To contact E164.org support, use the contact form.

The Wiki

The E164.org Wiki contains information about E164 development and VoIP information in general. The Wiki is available from www.e164.org/wiki.

Example Configurations

If you are a service provider or you run your own gateway, we have posted some example configurations for you to use as a reference.

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