"ENUM is not required for VoIP, although it does facilitate it."
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7 Jul 2011:
International Verification Issues should now be resolved

E164.org is a non-profit ENUM registry for Telephone Number use on the Internet and Internet type networks.

Our mission is to provide a sustainable, verified registry of telephone numbers for dialing on the Internet using Voice over IP, Email, Instant Messaging and other communication protocols.

E164.org is not affiliated with e164.arpa. We are an independent registry. We recognize a need to faciliate the adoption of Voice over IP, and thus we offer our service to the public at large by validating telephone numbers and allowing number owners to determine how Internet communication protocols should interoperate against their phone number.

E164.org offers free blocks of 100 numbers out of the Free164 +882 99 range (an Internet only range), and verification of regular telephone numbers for entry into our ENUM DNS zone.

What is enum.164?

'ENUM 164' (also know as enum and e164) is a method that stores numbers within the Internet's DNS. E164.org allows Voice over IP systems to place and receive telephone calls over the Internet, without using your local telephone line.

E164.org differentiates itself from other enum providers in a few ways. Firstly E164.org does not force service providers to establish layer 2 peering, this enables businesses and consumers alike to switch calls over the Internet or any network path they locally choose; enabling them to establish flexible dial plans that can leverage least cost routing across the Internet, with fall back utilising Voice over IP providers or even the PSTN network.

E164.org also allows users who have a regular telephone line, to also hook themselves up to the Internet without intervention from their regular telephone service provider while still using their 'plain old telephone' number instead of a web, IP or some other address.

This system only requires a hostname or IP to route phone numbers to, you can move around by simply updating a dynamic DNS service!

E164.org provides both 'real' telephone and 'free' number mapping to any Voice over IP address of your choosing. Presently we support multiple entries and multiple types, including IAX2, SIP, H323, TEL, HTTP, FTP, MAILTO, LDAP, ICQ, IRC, XMMP, YAHOO, AIM and MSN! So if your applications can implement a DNS lookup on phone numbers you can effectively send faxes by email, email by phone number, find your friends on ICQ by their phone number, the possibilities are endless!

If you need help configuring your software we have a growing library of information on our wiki, if details are lacking for software you use, please help by contributing as much information as you can.

To protect your privacy and prevent your link from being snooped we secure our SSL certificates from CAcert.org. You may get a warning from your browser about being untrusted, the simple fix is to load CAcert's root certificate into your web browser.

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